Importing your data can go wrong for several reasons. You might import files you didn’t want to import, import the same data twice or incorrectly assign the columns from the input file to the data fields in Livespace. No worries – you do not have to remove these contacts manually, hour by hour, or ask our IT for help. You can remove it quickly by yourself.

Imported contacts can be removed by a user with manager permissions only. Please make sure you have them!

To remove data imported to Livespace:

  1. Go to the Account settings.accsettings
  2. Choose the Import tab.importtab
  3. Press the Undo icon next to the chosen import. You can find the proper data to remove by, for example, the date of the import or just by the file name.undo
  4. Incorrect import is now deleted – this will remove imported data.



Worth knowing:


  • If you can see that language-specific characters on your contact list look odd during the import or just after finishing it, this is probably due to the incorrect character encoding. Delete such import and then use the tips described in the article How to change the character encoding before importing the file.

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