Starting from the Automation package the Livespace calendar can be integrated with your Outlook calendar in a way that allows you to immediately transfer tasks between them in both directions. This will help you to manage multiple appointments in different tools.

Livespace calendar integration with Outlook calendar

  1. To connect the Livespace calendar with the MS Outlook calendar, go to Profile settings > Calendar and tasks > Integrations:
  2. Press the button Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
  3. The login window MS Outlook will show up in a new tab – log in to the account which you want to synchronize with Livespace.
  4. After logging in, you will automatically return to the Integrations tab. In the table that appeared, select Connect the first calendar.
  5. You will see a list of your calendars available on your connected Outlook account.
    • Note: you can manage calendars – add a new calendar, delete an existing one, etc, by going tothe left section of the Outlook calendar.
  6. After selecting Connect the first calendar you will see a window in which you can indicate whether the tasks sent from Outlook to Livespace should have a specific type and which types of tasks have to be sent from Livespace to Outlook.
  7. Once you save the changes, the synchronization will be ready. Each task of the specified synchronized type will be immediately sent from Livespace to Outlook and all tasks added to the specified synchronized calendar will appear in Livespace.

Worth to know:

  • In Outlook it is worth to note if we add tasks to the proper calendar attached to Livespace:
  • If in point 6 you specified the synchronization of only a few types of tasks, it is worth paying attention whether you add tasks of this type to the Livespace calendar:
  • Remember you can add a new task type in Account settings > Calendar and tasks > Task types > Add type:

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