The tasks’ statuses in Livespace allow for quick filtering of the tasks in terms of the selected type and at the same time controlling the progress of the tasks of a given type. By default, task statuses are inactive and need to be set up manually.

How to turn the tasks’ statuses support on?

To turn on tasks statuses, go to the Account Settings > Calendar and tasks > Task statuses and switch on Turn on task statuses option.taskstats

The default Livespace tasks’ statuses are:

  • Pending
  • Realization
  • Verification
  • Accepted

You can also modify and expand the default task statuses.

Adding a new task status

To add a new task status, go to the Account Settings > Calendar and tasks. You will see a list of all currently available statuses in the Task statuses section.task123

Select the Add status, then specify its name and choose the color to be displayed for the tasks with the given status.invalid

Editing a task status

In a way similar to that described above, you can edit the already existing task status. Use the edit icon 28-edytuj-typ-zadania beside the status name for that.

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