Livespace allows you to share your tasks with other users.

In this article, we describe:


How to turn on task sharing?

To activate the task sharing feature:

  1. Go to the Profile settings.
  2. Select Calendar and tasks from the menu on the left.calendaraandtasksss
  3. Specify what tasks you want to share and with what users by pressing the change link.

Ways of task sharing

Livespace allows you to share tasks with others in the following ways:

  • None– a task is not shared at all
  • Free/busy –  other persons cannot see the content of a task, nor can they see its title, but they have access to the information about your unavailability during the time that you have set for this task
  • Read-onlyother users can see a task but they are not allowed to edit it
  • Full accessother users can both view and edit a task

You can define the task sharing method globally for all the task types, or for each type separately. This means that you can decide, for example, to share tasks related to projects as full-access tasks, share tasks concerning days off as read-only tasks, and choose not to share the tasks of other types at all.

It is also possible to define a different method of sharing tasks for every single user.


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