In most cases, all of the information concerning the task are available in the adding/editing task form. However, if the task requires additional, more expanded comment, there is a possibility to use the task profile for that purpose.

How to open a task profile?

To move to the task profile:

  1. Open the task editing form by clicking on its name.
  2. Then select View task profile in the lower part of the form. Link to the task profile is only available for already added tasks, therefore it is not visible when you add a new task.a11

The second method is clicking on the task in the list while holding down the CTRL button.

What the task profile allows you to do?

First of all, the task profile allows you to hold discussions about the progress and to upload additional materials such as notes or files under the task. This is done in the same way as in other profiles in Livespace.

In Files section, you can use templates to generate filled with task data files such as Note after meeting.

Remember to Turn on file templates first and to link proper files to tasks in Account setting > Files.

Detail information about templates you can find in the article Document templates.


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