Effectiveness statistics concern deals with Won and Lost status only. They can be used for determining on which stage of the sales process your company loses clients and how effective is your sales process. Thanks to these you can clearly see which actions in the process have the most impact when it comes to winning the deal.

Effectiveness statistics in Livespace CRM

In order to see the statistics, go to the Statistics tab, and choose Effectiveness from the left side menu.effectiveness


Effectiveness statistics interpretation

This chart represents how the process of acquiring a client looks like in your company. You can see here how many deals ‘go through’ the whole process and on which stage a potential client is lost. Least effective stages are the ones worth looking into when you want to determine your weak spots in the process.

An overall view on the left side of the chart shows effectiveness as a whole. It shows how long (more or less) a successful process takes, from creating a deal to winning it.effectivenesschart


Filtering the chart

The data available on the chart can be filtered and narrowed to your needs. You can determine the person and time they refer to. By default, these statistics concern the whole company, time filter is set to show data from the beginning of using Livespace. You can easily manage what you see in the statistics by using available filters.

You can manipulate time period filters. Remember that the time period will concern the date of adding a deal, not it’s closing. In this way, you can analyze how many deals were open in January and what happened to them, regardless of the date of their closing. The chart will take into account only Won and Lost deals.everyone


Action analysis in Livespace CRM

Based on this feature you can easily analyze which steps in the process are actually made, and determine whether they are relevant to winning the deal.


in 86% of won deals, dealers marked that they met with a decisive person
in 24% of lost deals, dealers marked that they met with a decisive person

Conclusion: meeting with a decisive person is not that relevant for winning the deal.action-analysisb

Good to know:

  • On an Action chart, you’ll find details from your process such as wages for each step, set up when you added a process. They are represented by dots by the name of the step.
  • Filtering by period of time concerns the date of adding a deal.
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