Contacts statistics can be used for evaluating the situation with your clients (people and companies) in your company. In this tab you’ll find the sources of your contacts, which group do they belong to and which dealer has which contact assigned to them.

Contacts’ statistics

In order to see Contacts’ statistics in Livespace CRM:

  1. Go to Statistics tab.stats
  2. Choose Contacts from the menu on the left.contacts

In this tab, you’ll find three basic methods of sorting open deals, including:

  • Source – sources from which particular contacts were acquired.
  • Group – groups to which contacts belong.
  • Owner – a representation of all the owners of given contacts.

You can change views by clicking on the headers above the chart.source

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a summary of this data.

Filtering Contacts’ statistics

The data available on the chart can be filtered and narrowed to your needs. You can determine the person and time they refer to. By default, these statistics concern the whole company, time filter is set to show data from the beginning of using Livespace. You can easily manage what you see in the statistics by using available filters.fitersYou can use more filters to see the data you need to see. In order to do that click on more filters and expand an additional filtering menu. You can see fewer filters by clicking on the same button.

Statistics in a Table view

If you’re interested in a table view, click on a table icon in the top right corner.tableThe Table view allows you to see the information from the chart in the more classic way. You can filter the information as you wish, similarly to the chart view.owner

You can save the data from this view to an Excel file, by clicking on download an XLS file feature at the top of the table.

Good to know:

  • Access to other users’ statistics depends on your level of permissions. If you don’t have a Manager or Administrator status you’ll only see your statistics.
  • If you can’t see the data, make sure you’ve added necessary elements in Livespace such as groups for contacts.
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