By default, each contact and deal in Livespace has its owner (keeper) – a specific user responsible for that contact or deal. You can change the owner manually, assigning the item to another person. In some companies, the model of work with clients presupposes that some contacts can also be ‘free’, or without specified owner – for example the ones that can be taken over by any person. We have foreseen such a situation in Livespace.

Changing the owner of a single contact or deal

The default owner of a contact or deal is the user who added that item. To change the ownership:

  1. Go to the given profile and use Edit button.valerianseg
  2. Then in the edit form select the new owner in the Owner field. After saving changes this person will be a new contact or deal owner.owner

Changing the owner of multiple items at once

If you want to change the owner for multiple contacts or deals simultaneously, use the List operations.


  1. Go to the Contacts or Deals tab.contacts
  2. Switch on List operationslistop
  3. Select all the items for which you want to change the owner.
  4. From the top bar select the operation Change owner and choose the new owner, then press Apply to confirm the change.changeowner

No owner option

As you already know, each contact in Livespace has an owner by default. If you need to use contacts without a specific owner in your actions, you need to change the Settings and enable appropriate option. To do this:

  1. Go to the Account settings.accsettings
  2. Select Permissions from the left menu.permissions
  3. Go to the Owners tab.ownerssettings
  4. Choose Allow deals to have no owner option.ownerssettingsadv
  5. Here you’ll see more advanced options of this feature, such as Automatically remove owner where you can remove the owner from people, companies, and deals after a chosen number of days. Another important feature here is the option of allowing users to assign contacts without an owner to themselves.

From now, you can see a new position– No owner when changing the owner in the adding/editing form or in List operations.

Automatic removal of the inactive owners

You can also specify after what time of owner’s inactivity this owner or an item will be automatically removed. As a result of this operation the ownership of the contact/deal changes, the actual owner receives notice about the change, and corresponding information is added on the board of the contact or deal. To set the automatic removal of inactive owners:

  1. Go to the Account settings.accsettings
  2. Select Permissions from the left menu.permissions
  3. Go to the Owners tab, then press Allow no owner in persons, companies and deals and set the option Automatically remove owner.ownerssettingsadv


This feature can be very useful if you want your team to take over neglected or forgotten contacts and deals. It gives you the certainty that such prospects will not be left to themselves for a very long time, which may lead to not making a deal or worse – a dissatisfied customer. What is more, if you are a manager, this function will let you know when someone in the company neglects their job.

Finding the contacts and deals without an owner

You can find the contacts and deals without an owner on the list using filters: filter Owner, value No owner.

Permissions to change the ownership

By default, each Livespace user can change the owner of the contact or a deal. If you want to prevent this change for the users without manager permissions, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Account settings > Permissions > Owners.accsettings
  2. Uncheck the User can change owners of deals and contacts option.ownerschange


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