Disc space is one of the key factors when working with a CRM agent. Two elements contribute to this – space for your files and the size of the database which decides on how many contacts, deals, and tasks you can store in the app.

How much space in Livespace do I have for my data?

We set no limits. You can work with a database consisting of 1 000 contacts as well as 100 000 – it depends on your needs.

How much space in Livespace do I have for my files?

Space for files depends on the number of users and a package you’ve chosen. Each new user increases your space for 3 GB in Base Package, 8 GB in Automation and 30 GB in Enterprise. You can find more information about packages on our Pricing page.

This space is summed up, so it doesn’t matter if one user has more than 3, 8 or 30 GB and the other 1 GB or less. What counts here is the summed up space which all of the company’s files take up.

For example, for 20 users your space will consist of:

  • Base: 20 users x 3 GB = 60 GB
  • Automation: 20 users x 8 GB = 160 GB
  • Enterprise: 20 users x 30 GB = 600 GB

What if I need more space?

The disc space we provide with the chosen package should most certainly fit your needs. However, if you need more space, feel free to contact us, so we can discuss your needs and come up with a solution.

Do email attachments from Dropbox take up my space for files?

No, because they are not physically located on Livespace servers. You only provide a shortcut there (a link) redirecting to the file. Thanks to this feature, you don’t need to worry about having too many emails with attachments taking up space in Livespace. If you need to attach bigger filed you can integrate Livespace with Dropbox, in this way you can save even more space.

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