When you connect your mailbox to Livespace CRM, you no longer need external tools to communicate with clients. You can now send and receive emails via Livespace.

Mailbox setup

In order to send and receive emails, verify your Livespace CRM mailbox settings. To do that, go to your Account settings > E-mail accounts, and then:

  1. Connect your mailbox to Livespace, according to the instruction
  2. Make sure you have appropriate mailboxes checked. In order to receive and send emails, you need to enable Sent and Received Synchronization:synchronize
  3. Turn on Allow to send messages from this account option as well:allow

Worth remembering

In the Base package, if you have added more than one e-mail to CRM, the Allow to send messages from this account option  can be active only for one mailbox.

Starting from the Automation package, it is possible to send from multiple e-mail accounts. This means that the user can connect more than 1 email inbox to his profile.

Sending an email

In order to send an email:

  1. Go to the Client’s profile or Deal’s profile
  2. Open Send email tab
  3. Fill in the Subject and the rest of the message
  4. Send an email with Send email buttonsendemail

After the message is sent, it will immediately appear on the Contact or Deal profile, along with the status of the delivery. If the email is sent correctly, the message bar Sending…  will disappear.

In case the email fails, the system will inform us about it with the appropriate message bar.

Replying to an email

Another tool, which simplifies communication with the client is a Reply option. That way, you can refer and cite given email directly. In order to reply to an email from a Client:

  1. Go to Contact’s profile, or Deal’s profile
  2. Find a message from the Client
  3. Click Replyreply
  4. You’ll see a box, in which you can create your email, along with cited correspondence, client’s information filled out and the subject of the message. When you’re done typing, hit Send email:emailtojohn

Worth knowing

Replying works only for Contacts (Client or Company). That is why, when you or another Livespace user are senders, you won’t be able to use this feature.

Plan your messages

If you want to send a message in for example 2 days, use the clock icon:

On the Contact or Deal profile, the scheduled email will look like this:

Scheduled emails will also appear in the main view with all messages. To go there, select the envelope icon in the upper right corner, choose E-mail and click See all:

After selecting See all, you will go to this view:

Here you can filter messages by Received, Scheduled and Sent status.

Email templates

If you often send the same message, use templates. You can use already prepared email templates. To do this, go to Templates > Browse, and then select the desired template.

Worth knowing

Read Managing email templates, to learn more about email templates.

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