Segmentation is one of the most useful features in Livepace CRM. It expedites your work, makes it more efficient and automatic. If you properly configure the segmentation it will allow you to determine which client is more important and which might be the best fit for you. The segmentation allows for a quick glance at who your customers are, what they do and on which of them you should focus first. All in all, you know best what customers fit your company and its needs, we only give you an automatic tool to unify it and make it even more simple.

Segmentation configuration in companies

In order to start the segmentation configuration:

  1. Go to Account Settings.accset
  2. Choose Contacts from the left side menu then click on Segmentation.contacts
  3. Click on Segmentation (companies).
  4. If you’re setting this up for the first time you’ll see a segmentation wizard, click Start to begin adjusting the segmentation to your needs. wizard
  5. In this wizard, you’ll see some predefined parameters. You can add your own but before we get to that, configure your first parameter field titled The value of closed won dealswizardvalue
  6. First, decide on the range of the values for this parameter (here you’ll decide on how much money you want to have for each range).
  7. The next step is to grant points to every range. If you want to reward a given range because it’s the most important, allocate more points to it. points
  8. You can add another range by clicking on + Add another range button or delete it by clicking on an x.
  9. At the end, set the parameter’s relevance in order to create a hierarchy of parameters. For example, if the parameter ‘Value of won deals’ is the most important for you, its relevance value should be set to 10.relevance
  10. Click on Skip to segment naming button in the bottom right corner in order to get to the next part of the configuration.
  11. Name every segment now, you can choose to name the lowest segment as Average and the best as the Key account. Livespace will automatically assign
  12. You can change a range of points for each segment here as well.pointsrange
  13. In order to save the segmentation setup, click on Save information and finish the configuration button. From now on your clients will automatically be segmented by the rules you’ve just created.

You can go back to editing those parameters any time. The changes will automatically be saved to all of your Livespace contacts.

Adding a new parameter to the segmentation

You can add your own parameters to the segmentation whenever you want, in order to do that:

  1. Go to Segmentation page or skip this part if you’re already there.
  2. Click on Add parameter.
  3. Choose Add.
  4. You’ll see a new window where you can name this new parameter as well as describe
  5. In here you’ll be able to select the type of measured data as well. Whether you want numeric or non-numeric (words), it’s up to you.numericandnon
  6. Decide on ranges in numeric data and on features in non-numeric and choose points for them.numeric
  7. When your done click on an Add button.
  8. A new parameter will be saved and visible in the wizard.

Good to know:

  • When you’re done setting up the segmentation, make sure your co-workers know how they should approach different types of clients and what actions should they undertake when it comes to them. Think about how you want to change the approach to the VIP client in comparison to the average one. You can adapt a different strategy for different clients and set up separate sales processes for them.
  • You can decide yourself on the parameters you want to diversify your clients. Most of them can be set up in the wizard. If you’re missing something you can add a new field to the form.
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