Filtering the lists allows you to quickly show only the most interesting information. With the ability to memorize the filters on the list we can develop our own way of working with Livespace, adapted to dealing with these parameters that are most important to us.

In this article we describe:

How to save your own filter on the list?

If you want Livespace to remember your own filter or set of filters in the list – for example, deal’s list:

  1. Go to the Deals tab.dealsheader
  2. Select Filter option from the list header.filterdeals
  3. In the case of deals, for example, you can specify that you are interested in open deals with the probability of winning more than 50%, which are in the early deals stages. Select the appropriate filters (we discussed filtering in detail here): Probability values 50 – 100, Status with the Open value, and two times the filter Stage with Collect information and Contact values.filtersall
  4. Then press Save filters button.filtersallsave
  5. There will be an additional field. Type the name for the filter set. You can also select the option to mark this set accessible to all your employees. At the end, press Save.filterset
  6. A new set of filters will appear on the list on the left. Every time you want to use it, just press on it and Livespace will automatically reorganize your list according to saved criteria.filtersaved In this way you can also filter the statistics based on your own filters, memorized on the list of deals.

Warto wiedzieć:

  • For more on the use of filters, see section Filtering using tags.
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