Deleting the contact (a person or a company) moves it to the Removed tab. If you accidentally delete the contact, you can restore it. The following steps are the same for persons, companies, deals, and spaces.

Restoring single contact

  1. To restore a single contact go to Contacts, choose Companies or People section (depending on the type of the removed contact), then select Removed from the Show menu.
  2. Now you can restore the contact by clicking Restore option on chosen person’s or company’s profile.

Restoring many contacts at once

If you need to restore many contacts at once, it may be more convenient to use the List operations.

To restore many contacts:

  1. Go to the Removed view to show your removed contacts.
  2. Switch on List operation.
  3. Select all contacts you want to restore, then choose Restore removed elements option.

4. Selected contacts will be restored after confirming the operation:


Permanent removal of a contact

You can restore removed contacts only if they are still on the Removed list. If you permanently remove the contact from this location, you will no longer be able to restore it by yourself.

After permanently removing the contact, his personal data: avatar, name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address and postal address will become hidden.

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