Ranking tab in Statistics allows you to see Livespace CRM users with highest deals’ values and highest number of owned deals.

Rankings in Livespace CRM

In order to see rankings in Livespace:

  1. Go to the Statistics tab.stats
  2. Choose Ranking from the left side menu.ranking
  3. Three Rankings will be displayed. One with the dealers with highest deals’ values, the second with dealers with the highest number of deals and the last one with dealers with the highest number of products in won deals.rankingranking

Filtering rankings in CRM

You can filter rankings with features available above them. You can decide if you want to see the ranking of the whole company or a specific sales team. You can filter by a given period of time as well.rankingfilters
You’ll see more filters when you click on more filters button.

Additional filters allow you to see a specific product or use filters saved on lists.process

In order to get more information about a user or their deals, click on their name and number of deals in the ranking. The link will redirect you to the user’s profile or their deals list.financelsit

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