Livespace allows you to create more than one sales process. This is particularly useful if you sell in different ways depending on, for example, the type of service or product or depending on the customer typea sales process for key accounts may be different than for your other customers.


Using multiple sales processes

Using multiple sales processes is an excellent way to reflect actual activities within your company in Livespace.

Before creating multiple sales processes, you should decide on what will determine the choice of a particular process, as sales processes can be:

a) Based on the type of a customer

Customers from a particular segment (for example key accounts) can be serviced in accordance with the process developed under their terms, typically requiring more effort in the sales process. It is completely justified if we previously defined these customers as the essential ones. Learn more about customer segmentation.

b) Based on sales category

If you sell different products/services, you can choose a flowchart of sales based on what the given deal is concerned with. Depending on the category of a deal, you will lead your activities according to a specific, prescribed process. Learn more about turning on and editing the products.

c) Based on sales value

You can decide that specific sales processes depend on what is the value of the deal. In this case use the default process until you do not know the deal valueand when you manage to specify it, you can change the process to the appropriate for a given value. Remember in this case to include point Establish the value of sales at an early stage in your default sales process 

d) Based on trader

Certain traders may act in accordance with the given process. It is a convenient solution when your team is specialized and specific people always deal with the same components. You can then differentiate sales processes depending on whom they relate.

How to create a new sales process?

When you start working with LiveSpace, you have only one sales process defined and Default. However, you can add your own sales process.

To create new process:

  1. Go to the Account settings tab.accsettings
  2. Select Deals from the left menu.Zakładka Sprzedaże w ustawieniach LiveSpaceCRM
  3. You will see a list of sales processes.Lista procesów sprzedażowych w LiveSpace CRM
  4. To add a new process, click on Add process.Dodawanie procesów sprzedażowych w LiveSpace CRM
  5. The new process by default is not defined by stages and sub-stages – you can configure them freely, depending on your needs. It can be either close to your default process or completely different. After opening a configurator, specify a name for the new process and define its stages and sub-stages.Konfigurator nowego procesu sprzedaży w LiveSpace CRM
  6. After adding a new sales process, you will find your default process and added, new process in the processes list.

How many sales process can I have?

You can define any number of sales processes. When adding a new deal you will be able to choose the process you want to use in that specific deal, as well as change the process later, when you gather more information about a customer and decide that you should lead the deal with a slightly different pattern.

When you add a new deal, it has the default process that is marked as Default in the settings.Domyślny proces przy dodawaniu sprzedaży w LiveSpace CRM

How to name the sales process?

To make your job easier, it is worth to mark the sales process with a name that clearly indicate the circumstances in which you use it.

For example, you can make a distinction on the sales process that you lead actively by acquiring customers, and the process you perform when you get an inquiry. Processes will be different in the first case, you start from getting in touch with the customer and determining if he really needs your services. In the second case you are much further from the beginning  you have specified requirements and you know what and when the client needs.

For the above example a convenient solution would be calling these two processes as:

  • Active sales
  • Offer inquiry

and designation as the default that process that is more often used when opening a new deal, eg. Active sales if you open more deals by yourself than you get as result of queries.

How to choose the sales process when adding new deal?

If you have defined more than one sales process, you can decide according to which process the new, added deal is intended to be carried out. This field is not visible if you have only one sales process.Domyślny proces przy dodawaniu sprzedaży w LiveSpace CRM

How to change the sales process in the open sale?

To change the sales process in already open sale:

  1. Skip to its editing, using the link Edit deal on the profile of the specific deal.Przycisk edycji sprzedaży w LiveSpace CRM
  2. Then you can change the existing sales process by selecting another process in the field Sales process.Wybieranie innego procesu sprzedaży w LiveSpace CRM
  3. After changing the sales process you will see your new process on the right just in the deals profile. If you accidentally changed the process, you can re-edit the deal and select the previous process. Its previously selected steps are stored in CRM, so you will not have to fill them again. After the change this process will be emptysince the processes are different, earlier information is not automatically moved to the new process. Remember to mark the sub-stages that have been carried out, according to the proper selected process.

How the statistics change when we use many sales processes?

If you run your deals using multiple sales processes, it will be also reflected in the statistics. Viewing the list of all open deals, you can find independent sales charts, relating to each of the processes by which you lead the particular deal. A summary of the values and numbers of all open deals, regardless of the type of used process, can be found on top, in Open deals tab.Wykresy z dwoma procesami w LiveSpace CRM

Closed sales statistics will be discriminated in similar manner.


How to filter sales on the basis of the process?

After adding one or more new sales processes you can comfortably view the deals belonging to the specific processTo do this, choose a process for which you want to see all the deals – on the deal list. Filtr procesów sprzedaży w LiveSpace CRM


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