Use email templates to automate the process of creating messages with similar content. Email templates are especially useful if you often send messages with the same text.

Adding an email template

If you often send the same message, you can use email templates. To add a new template:

  1. Go to Send email and fill in the subject and content of the message.
  2. Choose Templates  > Save.
  3. Choose the visibility of each template:
  • private – means that only the author can access and modify the template,
  • shared – means that also managers and administrators will be able to manage the template.

By default, the template name is the same as the message subject, but you can change it to any title you choose (it does not have to depend on the subject).

When using email templates, you can also insert the additional fields from the drop-down menu. This will allow you insert the chosen field into the relevant section of the email, i.e. first name or company name.

It is possible to organize and group email templates by adding appropriate categories. To create a new category go to Templates > Browse > Add new

Email template update

To change the saved template:

  1. Open the template you want to correct: from the menu choose Templates > Browseand select the desired template from the list.
  2. Make the necessary corrections.
  3. From the menu choose Templates > Save.
  4. Select Overwrite existing and indicate which template you want to replace.

Tip: you can use already prepared email templates. To do this go to Templates > Browse, and then select the appropriate template.

Managing email templates

To manage the template, go to Templates > Browse and select the appropriate option.

Email templates statistics

Next, to the name of a given template, you’ll find email statistics that will help you find out:

  • how many times has the template been used,
  • how many recipients have read the message,
  • how many recipients have opened the link in the template,
  • how many % of messages have you received a reply to.

Email templates in the automatic sequence

In Livespace CRM, starting from the Automation package allows users to plan an entire sequence of automated emails. When planning the email sequence, you can also use the template feature.

You can find more information about automation feature in this article.

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