A sales process in Livespace is divided into two parts: deals’ stages and steps.

Stages allow you to see how your deal’s process is going (see the statistics). Steps inform you about the actions you should take within each stage when dealing with this particular case.

In Livespace, you can easily recreate the sales process, which your company already uses. In order to do that:

  1. Go to Account settings, choose Deals from the menu on the left, then you’ll see Processes tab.  Choose to Edit the process in the actions column:
  2. Decide on what stages your process will consist of. Here you can:
  • define the name of each stage,
  • change the order of stages by dragging them to the right place,
  • add a new one by clicking Add stage,
  • delete it by clicking the cross in the upper right corner of the stage panel.

3.  Decide on which activities you want to perform in each stage. Here you can:

  • define the name of each activity,
  • change the order of activities by dragging them to the right place,
  • add a new one by clicking Add activity,
  • delete it by clicking the cross on the right.

4. Give each activity a weight that identifies how close you are to completing the process and winning a deal.

5. You can also define additional settings for each action, which are available after pressing the Settings icon.

There are several options available:

  • Obligatory –  means that this step is necessary to win the deal.
  • Can be completed by – allows you to decide who is responsible for it and can complete it (everyone, managers, administrators, selected people)
  • Note required – performing the step won’t be possible without adding a note or  a file
  • Notify – allows you to set up a notification for people you choose after the step is marked as done (it can be set for administrators, managers, attendees, selected people).
  • Add an action – allows you to add a task after checking the action in the process

6. When you’re done with setting up the values and steps, simply click Save and exit:

Worth knowing:

    • In Livespace you can have more than one sales process and use them in different deals. For more information go to: Multiple sales processes
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