Managing deals’ stages and steps in Livespace CRM

A sales process in Livespace CRM is divided into two parts: deals’ stages and steps.

Thanks to the stages, you can see how your deal’s process is going (see the statistics). Steps inform you about the acctions you should take when dealing with this particular case.

Deals’ steps in Livespace CRM

In Livespace, there are four main deal’s steps:

  • Collect information – when you identify decision makers – people or person with whom you’ll be discussing this deal and their contact details
  • Contact  when you’ve identified a valuable reason for contact with a potential business partner and then making contact with them
  • Identify needs – when you meet the decision maker, identify customer’s demands, establish offer evaluation criteria and set a budget for the deal
  • Tendering – when you send your offer, present and discuss it, e

Each step has a defined value, which determines it’s influence on the whole sales’ process. Simply speaking, you can decide on the practical value of each step when the sale’s process is happening.

Managing deals’ stages

In Livespace, you can easily recreate the process in which your compnay is going through the deals’ stages. In order to do that:

    1. Go to Account settingsaccsettings
    2. Choose Deals from the menu on the left
      dealsmenu3. You’ll see Processes tab

Choose to edit it, in the Actions column:actionsedit

There, you’ll see the Sales process configuration form:salesprocessconf

      1. This form will allow you to name your stage:stagename
      2. You can also change values of particular steps and change their names:activityname
      3. If you want, you can add more stages:addstage
      4. Or add more steps (actions):addactivity
      5. Each step has adjustable additional settings, you can see them when you click on the gear:gearact
      6. Each action in the deal’s process can be freely adjusted. You can decide who is responsible for it and can complete it (everyone, managers, administrators, selected people), whether it is obligatory or not, or does it require a note or a file (the deal won’t close if you decide to check this box). The last option allows you to set up a notification to people you choose after the step is marked as done (it can be to administators, managers, attendees, selected people). dealsprocess
      7. Remember, if you mark any of the steps obligatory, your employee won’t be able to close the deal without checking this box first. When they try to win the deal, they’ll see a corresponding notification:idenfifydecmakers
      8. When you’re done with setting up the values and steps, simply click Save and exit:saveandexit

Good to know:

    • The steps allow you to answer a very important question: ‘what should I do to win this deal?
    • In Livespace you can have more than one deal process and use them at the same time. For more information about this go to: Multiple sales processes