Livespace CRM for Android

Do you want to work with Livespace CRM directly from your phone or tablet? Download our mobile app, now available for Android! In this article, we discuss how to navigate the app and presented its basic features.

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How to log into the app, what is a subdomain, how does the menu look like

Logging into the mobile app is similar to a standard process of logging in to Livespace on any other device. When you log in, you’ll be asked to provide your email address, password, and subdomain.

A subdomain is your company’s name in Livespace. It consists of: a shortened name of your company, which you choose when you create an account, and the ending. For example:

From the login menu, you can create a new account or use a password reminder if you forget your password.login


When you’re done with typing in your login info, simply click on Log in to access your Livespace account.

The menu in the mobile app is available in the top left corner, after clicking on the paski button. It is available in every tab in the app as well.screenshot_2017-03-21-11-11-57-415x705

Dashboard and Notifications


On the Dashboard, you’ll find last entries, emails and the rest of the activities. From here, you can also add a note or attach a file.screenshot_2017-03-21-11-11-49-414x705

Similarly to a desktop version of Livespace, you can use filters, to see only the entries you want on your Dashboard.1-1-414x705

On the Dashboard, you’ll also find an Add option which allows you to add a new Task, Contact (Person or Company), or a Deal directly from the mobile app.screenshot_2017-03-21-11-12-21-300x154


The Notifications tab contains all types of notifications connected with your actions in Livespace. You can mark all notifications as ‘read’ with just one click!2-1-413x705

Contacts in mobile app

In Contacts tab, you’ll find all of your contacts divided into Companies and People.

Here you can add new contacts and manage existing ones, as well as use List operations feature to navigate the list better. For that purpose, we also create Filter and Sort features.screenshot_2017-03-21-11-12-32-415x705

Calendar and Tasks

Calendar – displays the tasks with set deadlines. Choose the date you want and switch between day, 5-day, week, month and year view.

Tasks – here you’ll see a full set of your tasks, you can add and manage tasks as well using List operations feature. Filter and Sort options are available on this tab as well.3-1-450x321

Deals and Statistics


In Deals tab, you’ll find all of the Deals added by your coworkers and yourself. In here, you can also add new Deals, manage existing ones and use features such as Filters, List operations, and Sort.screenshot_2017-03-21-15-23-53-415x705


In Statistics tab you’ll find a current summary of all of your actions in Livespace CRM. In Statistics you can see for example Open and Closed Deal’s statistics, products and contacts statistics and balanced scorecard.screenshot_2017-03-21-11-14-26-415x705

How does Phone calls feature work

Phone calls tab allows for registering your calls fast and easy directly from your device. You need to turn this feature on in order to use it, here’s how.

Synchronize feature

Turning on Synchronize feature in the top right corner of the tab allows for registering calls in Livespace CRM.screenshot_2017-03-21-15-24-22-414x705

When you check the Synchronize box, you’ll see a notification about it, you’ll switch in on by clicking on the Turn on button.screenshot_2017-03-21-15-24-41-413x705

After the phone call, (if you have the Notifications feature on), the app will display a notification on the top of the screen of your device. The app will also ask if you’d like to create a new contact, it will also suggest adding a note connected to this call. screenshot_2017-03-26-10-44-10

When you fill out the information, the contact will be added to Livespace and the information about the call will appear in Phone calls tab, the app will also inform you about how long was the conversation. screenshot_2017-03-26-10-45-44

Notifications feature

If the Notifications feature is on, the information about the call will display on the top of your notifications bar on your device. A small Livespace logo will remind you of adding a note to the call.screenshot_2017-03-21-15-26-19-414x705

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