iCloud contacts are stored in a vCard format, you can import them to Livespace but first, you need to download them from your iCloud account in .csv format.

  1. Log into your iCloud account and choose Contacts tab.
  2. Check all of the contacts from a list.
  3. Click on Export vCards.
  4. Save the list on your disc.
  5. Go to the page http://labs.brotherli.ch/vcfconvert/
  6. Fill out the form on the page:
    – vCard-File        – choose the file your downloaded before
    – Format              – choose CSV and Comma
    – Encoding          – choose Unicode (UTF-8)
    Leave the rest of the fields as they are:
  7. Click on Convert to accept.
  8. When you download this file it will be ready to import into Livespace, in a suitable .csv format.

Perfect – now you can import your file into Livespace CRM.

In order to do that:

  1. In order to import contacts:
  2. Go to the Account settings.accsettings
  3. Select Import from the left-hand menu. importEN
  4. Press the Import new file button located on the right side of the window.Import new file button in Livespace
    5. In the window that opens, you can either drag and drop a .csv, .ods or .xls (.xlsx) file with data or you can simply click the Add a file button.Contact import in Livespace CRM    6. If you decide to go with the latter method, choose your file in the browser window and then press Open.Select contacts window in browser CRM7. After the file has been uploaded, you will see the first rows of data from it.Field matching Livespace CRM     8. Match the rows from the file with the Livespace fields (the fields can belong either to the profiles of people or companies).Field matching 2 in Livespace CRM    9. Press on the Import contacts button to import the contacts from the file.Import contacts button in CRM    10. After the file has been successfully imported, a confirmation message will show. Click on the Continue button.Continue button in CRM   11. From now on, the newly imported contacts will be visible on your contact list.Contacts list tab in CRM
    In the case of an unsuccessful import, due to, for example, incorrect field matching or file format, you can withdraw the entire import along with all the imported contacts.
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