If you were previously a Pipedrive user, you can move selected information over to Livespace seamlessly.

The import from Pipedrive as part of the integration includes:

  • users;
  • contacts (companies and persons);
  • deals, sales processes and products;
  • tasks;
  • notes (without files);
  • additional fields.

To activate your data migration from Pipedrive, login into your Livespace account and go to Account settings > Integrations & Add-ons. Choose the CRM you had been using and turn on the integration.

In order to start the integration:

1.Go to Pipedrive > Settings > Customise > Personal > Other > API and copy your personal API token.

2. Gained API key paste in Livespace > Account settings > Integrations and add-ons > Pipedrive and click Save.

3. Write us a message on chat or on [email protected] – we will start data sending.


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