Adding a task to Livespace can be done in several different ways.

No matter which method you choose, adding a task will always happen in the same manner. The only difference is when adding a task in proper context (on contact’s profile or company’s profile) part of the data will automatically be filled in so that there is no need to type it by yourself.

Adding a task by the + button

To add a task from anywhere in Livespace:

  1. Click on the add (+) button in the upper right corner.add
  2. Then choose Task option.task
  3. When you add a task this way, no data will automatically be completed  you will see an empty task form:emptytaskform

Adding a task in the task list

When you are in the task list, you can add a task by using the Add task button located in the right upper corner of the list. It works the same way as adding a task from the pop-up menu by pressing +. Also, in this case, no information will automatically be completed.addatask

Adding a task on the profile

The task can also be added directly on a profile of a person, company, deal or space. To do this you need to:

  1. Go to the selected profile.
  2. In the Tasks window on the right side of the profile, select Add.tasksdealsties
  3. When you add a task from the profile, new task’s adding form will automatically be filled with information concerning its connection with the person, company, deal or space.sample

Adding a task in the calendar

The task can be added directly from the Calendar tab, by clicking on selected date in which you want to place it. Depending on work view, by default, the task will be added as an all-day with fixed date (in month view) or as a task with a specific time and date (for other views).

To add a task directly from the calendar:

  1. Click on the selected day in the calendar.calendar
  2. It opens task form with filled-in date box (according to the day selected in the calendar).date

Regardless of the method of adding a task, each of them opens a task form.

Worth to know

You can go directly to Tasks or Calendar by clicking “Show in” in Tasks section in Contact, Deal or Space profile.

When you use the option Show in, the calendar will only display tasks link to that contact, the deal or space. In the field Subject, the appropriate filter will be set by default.

The Clear filters option allows you to quickly delete all calendar filters.


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