The central place on the profiles of contacts, deals, spaces and the cockpit is the Wall (Dashboard) – the list of activities, notes, files and emails associated with a given element. You might know a similar solution from Facebook, LinkedIn or other social networks – in our opinion, this is the best way of showing various activities. A characteristic feature of the Wall is that it displays complete contact history (things added manually as well as automatically stored data). All of the data published on the Wall is displayed in a chronological order, you can also comment on each post.

In this article you’ll find:

Filtering the posts

To help you find desired information we have introduced the option of filtering posts on the Wall. When you expand the list of filters, you can select the entry’s author, its type (activity, note, email, phone number), or enter the keyword which should be included in its content. It is possible to filter by tags, however only if the given entries were previously tagged. There is also the option of displaying only these posts on the Wall which contain files or were created in a specified period of time.

For your convenience, the last filter settings are saved, so you do not need to type in what you want to see every time you use Livespace. For example, you will see activities and notes (without phone numbers and emails). These settings are stored independently for each type of content in Livespace. So when you change them for some contact, they will be the default filter settings for other persons, but not for the cockpit or the walls of the companies. Therefore each view can be stored with completely different filter settings.

If you want to get rid of the saved filters, just use the Clear filters button – then everything will return to the default settings.clearfilters

Wall settings

In order to view the complete set of information related to the contact or the deal you can display on the deal’s profile all of the posts assigned to the company or person’s profile (for the contacts with which the business is run). Similarly, on the company’s profile you can show the posts from related deals and employed persons, and on the person’s profile – from the companies and deals. This option can be selected next to the Post types filter – look for the selection box under Related to.relatedto

With the use of related posts, you can easily figure out what is the status of a deal you run with a given client (without the need to check each deal’s status). Or when on a deal’s profile, what emails you’ve recently exchanged with your client.


For persons, companies, deals and spaces there is an option to switch on the Following function. Following is a tool that allows you to observe all the activities (including posts) associated with selected items. Using this function you can easily decide which information is important for you and with what information you want to be always up to date. On the activity list view on your Dashboard you can find the All/Followed switch. It allows you to filter your activity list.

Worth knowing:

  • If you find that the post added to the Wall on a different profile (for example – an email in the contact’s profile) concerns a given deal, you can copy it to this deal using the Move/copy. For more information see the topic How to move or copy the entry on the Wall?

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