Spaces in Livespace show the informal structure in the company. These are working spaces, where people from the company can contribute as well. Working with sales is not only creating deals, it is gathering more information, reading up on the news and sharing this knowledge with your team. This is what Spaces are for. You can use it as a forum for discussion, a place for your files or for project management.spaces

You can have an unlimited number of spaces in Livespace. They are perfect for when you close a deal and want to start a project involving a client. You can continue communicating with your team within the deal itself or use Spaces to grant access to this case to other people from the company.

You can also group spaces according to your own criteria. You define groups in the Spaces tab by pressing on the gear icon in the Groups section.

You can assign space to a group when adding/editing space. If you want to add several spaces to the group at the same time, it is worth using the List operations. Select the spaces you want to add and confirm with the Apply button.

Worth to know

Remember that you can set the visibility of the space in the application – it can be visible to everyone, or only to selected users. Visibility can be set in the space adding form or changed later on its profile.

Additional settings related to access to space and their visibility can be configured in the Account Settings> Permissions> Spaces.

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