Livespace allows you to analyse incomes in two aspects: the forecast and realisation. You can use only one of them, but if you want to compare forecasted incomes with their actual realisation, it is worth completing both fields. Adding an expected income is possible immediately when you add a deal – we described it in Adding deals. Often, however, while adding a deal, you do not know yet what income you can expect from it. In this article, we will discuss adding incomes to the already created deals.

In this article we describe:


Adding a forecasted income to an existing deal

To add an income to your existing deal:

  1. Open the deal profile to which you want to add a forecasted income.d7
  2. If during deal adding, you did not define any forecasted incomes, the Products window on the right side will be empty. d8
  3. To add the first income, simply select Add in the Products section.
  4. In the adding income window, you can select the category, specify the amount, expected date of income, add a description and determine whether this is a one-time or recurring income. It should also be noted if it is an income forecast or the income realisation. For the sake of this article, let’s choose the first scenario.d9
  5. Finally, click on Add to save the new forecasted income.

A single sales process may relate to more than one sales category depending on how they are configured in LivespaceFor example, winning a deal called “Website creation for the ABC LLC company could mean that there are the following incomes:

  • 10,000 USD in the category of “Disposable services, to be paid after the work is completed.
  • 500 USD / month for 12 months in “Continuous support” category, counted since the launch of the website.

The total value of such sales is 10,000 USD + 12 x 500 USD = 16,000 USD – an amount that is not paid at once. With a possibility to add multiple elements to deal forecasts, not only will Livespace be able to give you the total value of the deal, but based on this, it will also calculate incomes spread over timeTo do this, simply add an additional income by pressing the Add button on a deal profile.d10


Adding a realised income to an existing deal

In a similar way, as you add an income, you can also add its realisation. To do this:

  1. Choose Add products.d8
  2. Then select the option of adding income realization in the income addition form.d11

While adding realization, you should enter actual and final amounts and dates. This way, you will know that although you assumed that the income would equal 30,000 USD in February, it eventually turned out to be 28,000 USD and was not accounted for until March. Decide on your own if the date of realization will be the date when your company’s account is credited with the payment, date of the contract signing, or the time when the invoice is created. However, it is important that you are consistent in the approach of your choice.

Income statement forecast and realization

For a sales process which include incomes of several different categories and have been marked not only as forecasted but also as realized incomes, the income area will contain a summary list of all previously reported values.a1

  1. To see a detailed list of the elements included in the forecasts and realizations and eventually edit the individual values, use the Show details button.
  2. This displays a window containing an accurate list of all incomes.


A detailed statement of incomes

A detailed income list gives you insight into all components of an income statement, including forecasted and realized incomes. You can see such summary in the Statistics tab > Products.


You can read more about Products’ statistics here.

Worth knowing:

  • Livespace also allows you to analyse your costs and profits. You can learn more about it in the Costs and profit section.
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