In Livespace CRM you can export notes from a deal, person, company and task profiles’ into an .xls file. By filtering what type of the note you want to see, you can download the information that interests you.

Exporting notes from a profile

You can export some notes or all of them. Here’s the example:

  1. Go to the profile of a Deal (for example).deals
  2. On a chosen profile click on Filter under an Add note box.filterposts
  3. This feature will allow you to filter what posts you want to see on the board. You can decide with what they are connected, by whom and when they were added, or whether they were added by you. You can type in a keyword as well. export
  4. Make sure you chose the filter you wanted and click on Export.exhand
  5. All the filtered notes and activities assigned to this profile will be saved to an .xlsx file on your computer.

Good to know:

  • If you do not see the Export button, you probably do not have permission to export data. In this case, report it to the account administrator.
  • Export is not possible from the main Dashboard.
  • You cannot export files added to the profile in bulk. In order to export files from a particular note, click on an arrow and choose Download

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