Livespace can be set up to send you email alerts. Such notifications are sent to your address used to log in to Livespace. They are associated with:

  • assigned tasks
  • a progress of the tasks appointed by another person
  • a necessity to complete the details of a newly added contact
  • the emergence of a comment in discussion in which you participate
  • someone ‘liking’ your post
  • upcoming or overdue closing date of the deal

In addition, Livespace may send you a daily summary of the most important events.

How to change email notifications settings?

  1. To change your notification settings, open Profile settingsjoohnprofile
  2. Then go to the Notifications section in the menu on the left:notifications
  3. Using the available switches allows you to decide if you want to receive notifications and whether you wish to receive daily summaries in the form of the activity reports:notificationsset
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