Marketing research shows that 80% of probable deals require contacting a potential customer at least 5 times in order to turn the lead into a profitable client. At the same time, 70% of dealers quit on the deal, because they do not receive an answer. That is usually due to lack of time, lack of consequence of marketing actions or thinking that not getting an answer means the potential client is not interested, therefore the deal is closed. However, until we get a specific answer we should stay in the game.

In such case, email automation is what comes in handy. If you decide to set up an email marketing campaign, Livespace will contact your client until their reply (whether the answer will be positive or negative). Additionally, after a few unanswered emails, Livespace will automatically remind you about for example calling your client.

Creating an automatic sequence

You can set up an email automation both from person/company profile as well as the deal’s profile. To create your own sequence, you need to go to the contact’s profile or to deal’s profile and:

  1. Click on Automation tab on the contact’s profile.automation
  2. In the email box, type in what you want to send to your client:automationschedule
  3.  You can save such message as a template, in order to use it again in the future.saveastemplate
  4.  Set up the date and the hour of the delivery:automationsendingtime
  5. Add a next step of the automatic sequence. It can be another email or a Task, to remind you about other activities connected with this client (such as to make a call or meet up).automationaddstep
  6. A Task can be set up to appear in Livespace only if you haven’t received an answer for the first message from a client (it can pop up after for example 3 days). Set up other parameters and decide whether you want to make this next step an email or a task. Decide on the priority, the task’s type and name: automationaddsteptask
  7. Add next steps by pressing Add step, if you want to expand your email automation process.
  8. You can save the template you’ve created and reuse it whenever you want. In order to do that, click on Save as a template button.
  9. All done? Start your email automation by clicking on the blue Schedule button!automationschedulebutton

Editing an automatic email

Are you afraid of sending too many messages to a potential client causing them to be annoyed with you? A lot of success here depends on the content of the emails and the frequency with which they are sent. What is more, if you make your emails more focused on the relation with the client than the product you’re selling – the likelihood of them being grateful for a quick reminder about your first email is getting higher.

Email automation also means that you’ll probably send similar messages to different companies or people. That is why it is crucial to make the emails universal so that they won’t require editing each time you want to start a sequence. However, it is also of the utmost importance for such a message to be personal and as natural as possible. For that purpose, in the editing box, you’ll find so-called ‘Variables’ {…}. The Variables will allow you to automatically put in a person’s name, surname, their company name or other important information about them into the email:automationschedule

Write at least two additional messages, add to the one you already have. Remember that it has to be in a form of a sequence, so all of the emails should be logically connected. Make sure to fill out contact’s personal information on their profile, such as their position before you send an automatic email with a corresponding variable. You can preview your message by clicking on Preview at the bottom of the Variables section.

Using sequence templates

If you want to send the sequence you’ve created to another customer, do not forget to save it as a template first.automationsaveastemplateSaving the sequence allows you to quickly set up an email automation without the need to write it all over again. In order to use a template, choose select from a template option at the top of the automation form:automationselect

Worth remembering

Starting from the Automation package, it is possible to send from multiple e-mail accounts. This means that the user can connect additional email inboxes to his profile.

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