In Livespace you can enable the date of the product for whatever reason you might need it. The date of the product can for example be the date of receiving the money from the client or the product’s shipment.

Turning on the date of the product

In order to turn on the date of the product:

  1. As an Administrator go toAccount settings.accset
  2. Choose Deals from the left side
  3. Turn on Date (of the settlement or delivery).2-3

Adding product with a date

When you turn this feature on, you’ll be able to add products with a date (you can read more about that here).

  1. Click on Add products in Products menu in the bottom right corner of the deal’s profile.productsadd
  2. Find a product on the list.productsaddonemore
  3. Then, choose the date by clicking on a Calendar icon.2-7
  4. When you choose a date and fill in other fields, add a product.addproduct
  5. The product will be visible in Products section in the bottom right corner of the deal’s profile. If you want to see more details click on Show detail.productsshowdetails
  6. You’ll see detailed parameters of added products, along with the date.

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