The Dashboard page is one of the most important places in Livespace CRM. Here, you can see the most important information about activities, statistics, and tasks.

The Dashboard layout in Livespace CRM

The Dashboard is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Left column Your statistics.
  2. The wall in the middle of the Dashboard.
  3. Right column with tasks and Livespace Assistant.123


Statistics column

The column on the left side of the Dashboard shows your statistics. It contains information about the value of open deals, newest deals, evaluation card, and summary of the last 30 days (added, won and lost deals).

The settings button (gear) at the top right of the statistics allows you to decide whether you want to see only your statistics or the statistics of the whole company. stats


Dashboard wall

In the middle of the Dashboard you can find, a so-called ‘Wall’. There, you can find the most relevant information that might concern you, such as activities, notes, and email

At the top of the page, you’ll find a text box where you can add a note or attach a file.addnotefile


At the bottom of the box, you’ll find an option of filtering the posts (Filter posts) which allow you to determine what kind of posts you want to see.

When you expand the list of filters, you can select the entry’s author, its type (activity, note, email, phone number), or enter the keyword which should be included in its content. It is possible to filter by tags, however only if the given entries were previously tagged. There is also the option of displaying only these posts on the Wall which contain files or were created in a specified period of time.filterposts

Task column and Assistant

The right column of the Dashboard is where you can see your tasks (to do, in progress, overdue, without date and done). You can update your tasks to ‘done’ directly on this list, as well as hide the ones which are marked as ‘overdue’.


Under the tasks box, you can see a Livespace Assistant, it is an intelligent tool which can help you with the sales process. Assistant’s suggestions are based on your data and activity (as well as your sales team’s activity).assistant


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