In Livespace CRM in Automation and higher packages, the account administrator can view the list of changes performed by users in their contacts and deals. The Changelog allows determining what changes were made while working on companies and people, when were they made and by whom.

To go to the changelog:

  1. Go to Account settings
  2. Choose Changelog tab
  3. As an administrator, you have access to information about:
  • the date when the activity was performed,
  • user details,
  • object type – whether the change was made on the profile of a person, a company or a deal;
  • name and link to the changed object,
  • the type of operation performed: adding, editing, deleting a contact, data anonymization,
  • the change introduced – the name of the field which content has been changed and the content before and after the change.

The types of introduced changes for contacts that are visible in the Changelog include:

  • providing marketing consents to the customer for editing,
  • adding tags to the contact profile,
  • change of data, e.g. telephone number,
  • adding a contact to a Group.

Among others the following are recorded for deals:

  • change of a deal acquisition source,
  • adding or removing ties,
  • change of planned closing date,
  • selecting steps in a deal process,
  • changing a deal status,
  • editing product data in a deal.

The contacts changelog is a summary of actions made by users on contacts and deals profiles. It allows managers to better manage both the team and the data.

At any time, the administrator can save data from the Changelog to an Excel file (.xls). To do this, simply select the Export list option.

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