Consent Forms conveniently allow you to save the information, about when and how your customers agreed (or did not agree), for you to process their personal information, to be included in a newsletter or other forms of advertising or to contact them by phone.

Enabling and configuring consents in Livespace

By default, the consent forms section is disabled in the application. To enable it and add consent:

  1. Go to Account settings.

      2. Select Consent forms in the menu on the left side

3. On the Consent tab enable Turn on Consent forms option

4. Use the Add consent button to add those consents that are to be found on the person’s profile (by default, no consents are defined in the application).

5. Enter the name under which consent will be displayed on the list, and the content containing the most important information about what the person agrees with regarding the processing of personal data.

Confirm changes with the Add button.

6. To edit the already added consent, use Edit in the Actions column.

7. In the Statuses tab, there are 4 default marketing consent statuses defined. You can add your own variants using the Add status button. Remember that default statuses – as opposed to those added by you – cannot be edited or deleted.

8. In the Methods of consent tab by default, we have provided you with 6 ways to express consents, each of them – except of Via CRM form – can be edited or removed. You can define additional ways to express marketing consents by using the Add method button.

9. The next two tabs – Email content and Form content – are related to the function of sharing the marketing consent form directly from Livespace, starting from the Automation package.

In the Email content tab you can create an email template, which will be sent when sharing the link to the consent form.

Remember that the message must contain a variable link  to the  form, which you will find in the list of variables, by pressing the stamp on the right side of the taskbar:

10.In the next tab, you will find the proposed content of the form, which can then be sent to your contacts so they may provide the consent permissions. The form should contain a variable Marketing consent.

After enabling consent forms in the Account Settings, a new section –  Consent forms will appear on the person’s profile. To add marketing consents to an existing contact:

  1. Go to the profile of a selected person and press Edit

2. In the Consent forms section of the person form, select the appropriate consents, determine their statuses and methods of delivery. The date of change and the person who made it will be added automatically.

 3. Every change in the Consent forms section will result in an appropriate note on the dashboard.

 4. If you add a person to Livespace, you can complete the Consent forms section while adding the contact.

Importing information about marketing consents

You can also import information about marketing consent to many people in Livespace at the same time using an .xls file. This method allows you to add, among other things, the statuses, dates, and methods of giving marketing consents.

Once consents are imported, they will appear on the person’s profile in the Consent forms section:

Please note

To import marketing consents to Livespace, you must first enable them in the Account settings and add the appropriate consents to CRM.

Sharing the marketing consents form

Starting from theAutomation package, the function of sharing marketing consents forms directly from Livespace is available.

To share the consent form with people from your contact list:

  1. Go to the profile of the person to whom you want to send this form and press Other information at the bottom of the panel with contact details.

  1. Then press Share for editing in the Consent forms section.

  1. Choose from the list the marketing consents that you want to communicate to your client (the Expand button allows you to check consent content)


  1. You can copy the generated link to forward it to the person in the contact list, or select the Send the link by e-mail option. The link directs to the form with selected marketing consents, in which the person will be able to mark those that he wants to express. The link is active for 14 days.

  1. After completing the consent form by the person, all information about them on their profile will be automatically updated.
  2. You will also receive a notification with information about changes in marketing consents.

You can also generate links to marketing consent forms for several or all people on your contact list.

1. To do this, select the right persons through List operations. Then choose to Share the consent form.

  1. The share the consent form window will appear

  1. Accept the selection with the Save changes button.

Now you have the option of mass exporting of marketing consent forms. You can do this by setting your own view and selecting the field Consent forms > Link to the form.

Mass completion of the marketing consents

There is a possibility to fill in the marketing consent forms for couple (or all) persons at the same time.

  1. In order to do that, select the appropriate persons through List operation. Choose Complete marketing consents.
  2. The window with marketing consents will appear. Select the appropriate consents, determine their statuses and delivery methods. The modify date and the person who made the changes will be added automatically. Accept your choice by Add button.
  3. Marketing consents added this way will be visible on the selected person profiles, in Consent forms section.
  4. Every change in the Consent forms section will result in an appropriate note on the dashboard.

Please note

  • The list of people can be filtered by defined marketing consents: both according to the consent name and its parameters.

  • You can also use the consent forms fields to create your own view on the list of people.
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