Thinking about providing our clients with the most comprehensive functionality we’ve introduced various methods of collecting and searching for the information, like, for example, groups and tags. Yet we know that these solutions are not always sufficient, so we provide our customers with the possibility to define custom fields via forms and then gathering information in these fields.

How do the forms work?

Livespace provides the opportunity to adopt the persons, companies, deals and spaces forms to your own needs. So you can add new fields, as well as reorder them and group into sections. As the result you are able to collect more complete information about your clients – depending on the specifics of their sectors and adopted sales strategies.

Adding new fields to the form

1. Go to the Account settings.accsettings


2. From the left menu select Forms and then the category you are interested in.


3. Depending on the category in which you are press Add new field or Add new, then type the name of the new field and select its type and section in which it should be located. In the Additional section, specify details for this field.




The new field together with its properties will be globally imposed on all users that will be able to type in all the information according to your selected type.

Examples of the use of additional fields

The fields you add may be used as parameters by which you can sort and filter your customers. For example, numeric field will be useful if you want to take into account the client’s annual budget on advertising. In turn, the selection list type field is ideal for handling a number of industries. You can add the “What industry?” field and then filter the companies by it.whatindustry

The use of the additional fields in segmentation

Manually added fields in the forms can be used as further parameters in automatic segmentation of persons and companies. Note, however, that this relates to the numeric fields and selection lists only – there is no possibility to such use for descriptive fields and dates. For more information see the section How to use segmentation

Worth knowing:

  • Choosing a single choice box instead of multiple choice box helps you to maintain the order of the information.
  • Choosing the field type determines what filter will be assigned to the field in the contact or deal list, what results in allowing you to search the information faster and easier.
  • You can also create ‘polls’ with various information about the client, or group different additional fields into sections, for example, such as ‘customer needs’– the user can fill the fields related to the clients’ problems and needs.

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