The Automated Task Suggestion feature, available starting from the Automation package, allows you to set any sequence of tasks in the order of your choosing. With this function, Livespace will automatically propose adding another task, in accordance with the conditions you have set before, helping you speed up your teams work.

Activating the Automated Task Suggestion

To activate the Automated Task Suggestion, go to Account settings > Calendar and tasks and then press the edit icon in the Actions column with the task type selected.


Turn on the option for After completing automatically suggest to add a new task, which allows you to set up a sequence of tasks automatically.


With the option available, you can now define:

1. The type of a new task, that will be proposed to be added


2.   The person responsible for the next task


3.  A due date for the new task


Once everything is ready, press the Save button.



The proposed task is now visible in task settings.


You can activate the Automated Task Suggestion for as many number of task types you wish, according to your needs.

Good to know

The Meeting task type cannot be edited due to its association with goal counting in the Targets and Results tab.

How does the Automated Task Suggestion work in practice?

The example below shows that, when the E-mail task is marked as done, a screen with a suggestion for the next task is added to the calendar. In this case, it is a ‘Phone Call’.


You can immediately press Add or you can modify the criteria, for example, when you receive a message that the person responsible for the task, has scheduled another activity within the proposed time.

If you want to start the Automated Task Suggestion while adding a new task type, press the ‘Add type’ button and follow the steps described above.

For more information on how to add a new task type, see this article.


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