Adding deal form

Adding a deal form allows you to store information concerning a given deal process. It may also be used to link the deal with a particular person (persons), as well as a company (companies).

Filling in ‘adding deal’ form

  1. You can add a deal in Deals tab, on the company profile or by clicking the context menu (+ button). Different ways of adding new deals are described in detail in a separate article. adddeal
  2. Define with whom you run the deal (it may be a company or a person). Specify the name of the deal and the expected date of its closing. Setting this date is very important – it helps you remember about your open deals/sales processes.closingdate
  3. You can also complete a detailed description of the deal by filling the Additional information box. Type as much information as you have at the moment of opening the process:additionalinfo
  4. Save the deal using the Add button. Later, when your sales process will get to its final stage, you can add further information:adddealadd