You can add a task using the task addition form. This is a universal solution that allows you to quickly add both simple tasks for yourself, and, for example, regular meetings for specific users.
Task editing is done in the same way as adding a task – you do it using the same form.

‘Add task’ form

The task adding form requires only one fieldTask name. After typing a name in, you can press on Add or confirm with the Enter key:addtaskform

The task added this way will be placed as yours in the Inbox in the Tasks tab (with tasks without a defined completion date). Because there is no deadline, it does not appear on the calendar:yourtasks

Task relations

Tasks can be related to:

  • People
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Spaces

To do this:

  1. Open the task addition form using the + button or pressing on Add task in the Tasks tab:addatasksmall
  2. At the top of the form, there is a link Link the task to a contact, deal, or space. Click on it:linkthetask
  3. There are four fields to fill, enabling the creation of a link:linkthetaskadd
  4. If you create a link between the task and the person, simply enter at least the first two letters of a name and Livespace will give you a list of suggestions from which you can select a specific contact.
  5. If you select a person who is an employee of a given company from a list, Livespace will also suggest a link with this company:addpersonwilliamcompany
  6. If you do not want to do this you can intentionally remove the company from the form by pressing X:removecompanytask

If you add a task with a new person or company, just enter their name, and it will be automatically added when you save this task.

In a similar manner, you can add a link to the deal or space, but in this case, you can only add a link to the existing elements – a deal or space will not be added automatically.

One task can be linked together with each of the four elements; means that it may concern a person from a given company, the deal with that company and space engaged in the discussions on preparing the offer:ideasfr

Associated task will be visible on the pop-up list of tasks after entering the profile of the person, company, deal or space:sampletask


Determining the type of task

Tasks can have specific types. By identifying the type of task you can:

  • Easily filter task by showing only certain types
  • Count task of a particular type for the needs of statistics (eg. number of meetings)
  • Count task of a particular type for the needs of the Targets and Results card
    (Currently Targets and Results card supports the meetings counting)

Clicking on the Type of task will select it– and, if any task name is entered, filling the Task name field with the type label:calltasks

The task name can be freely edited– it does not affect the selected type of task:makeacall

Determining the priority of task

Task priority is the additional information, causing its distinction in the task list with an exclamation point. To mark a task as High priority simply press the ! icon next to the task name:highpriority

Task deadline

In Livespace you can precisely specify the deadline for the task. From the pop-up menu you can choose from the following options:

  • Date not setThis is the default deadline. Tasks with undetermined date can be found in the Inbox on Task list
  • Today or Tomorrow It allows you to quickly add a task for today or tomorrow, by default, if a deadline is of the full-day type
  • On a specific dayIt allows you to specify an exact date for the task by selecting it from the pop-up calendar
  • In the future the tasks set like that are postponed for later and will not appear on the list of tasks to assign a deadline (Inbox) nor on the list of tasks to accomplish. They are considered to be tasks of the less urgent nature, ones that you keep in mind and come back to later:taskdate

Tasks with the defined date additionally have an option to clarify the details of the date, including:

  • Starting time
  • The date and time of completion (by choosing End date? option)enddate


Person responsible

By default, the added task is assigned to the person who creates it. You can also designate another person as the one to which the tasks is assigned. Responsible field is used for that purpose. Here, you can choose a person from a list of employees with Livespace accounts. Information about the task assignment will appear in this person’s Livespace notifications, and the task itself will be added to his/her list of tasks.

Task description

In the Add description field, you may put additional information about the task. This is important especially when you assign the task to someone else or when the task has additional details that you do not have to remember if they are included in the description.

The task description will be available in task details and profile:adddescription

Detailed settings

After expanding the window Show details you can specify additional settings for the task.showdetails

These are:

  • Reminders
  • Attendees
  • Repeating
  • Private taskprivatetask

Mass adding of tasks

You can also add tasks for several contacts (companies or people), deals and spaces at the same time.

To do this:

1. Go to the list of companies, people, deals or spaces, press List operations and select those objects for which you want to add a task. These can be all records or only selected ones:

2. Press Add a task

3. At the top of the form, you will see for which objects (People, Companies or Deals) and for how many of them this task will be added. Enter here the name, type, and deadline for the task, and specify the responsible person. If you select  The same as company’s owner (or accordingly: person’s, deal’s or space’s owner), the task will be assigned to the owner of the given object:

Worth knowing

If the Company, Person, Deal or Space does not have an owner, and if adding a task in the Responsible field, the option The same as company’s owner is selected, the task will be assigned to the person adding it.

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