Livespace allows you to add notes and files, you can see them on the dashboard or on the profile of a person, company, deal, space or task. Notes and files allow you to share important news and files with your coworkers. You can add all kinds of files such as PDFs and presentations. Here you’ll find out how to add files and notes.

In this article you’ll find:

Adding a note

You can add notes to Livespace on the Dashboard as well as on contact’s profile, Sales page and in Spaces. Notes are posted on the Wall along with any other posts:note


To add a note you need to:

1. Click on text box at the top of the Wall (in Dashboard view) or on chosen profile:eugene2

2. After clicking on the text box, you’ll see some additional options. Now you can enter your note:


3. Before adding a note you can change its visibility, it can be visible for you only, for you and the managers or for everyone:



4. When adding a note you can also tag it:



5. Available for adjustment is also the date of publication of the note:


6. When all is set up, publish it by clicking the ‘Publish’ button:


7. After posting the note you’ll see a notification about it:

posthasbeen added

8. Done!

Adding a file

There are two ways of adding a file.

The first one is to simply drop the file into the note area:


You don’t have to enter the text of the note before you publish it – a default text will be added. Remember, just like when adding a note you can set visibility, dates, and tags. After setting up options hit Publish.

You’ll see a note with an attached file:afile


Another way of adding a file is to:

  1. Click on the text box where you can add a note.
  2. You’ll see an option there ‘Add attachment’:addatt
  3. When you click on it, you’ll see more options: click
  4. Now you can click on ‘Send a file’ and it opens a browser window:pulpit
  5. When the file is added hit Publish, the file will be visible along with the note (if you chose to write something) on the Wall.

Good to know:

  • You can export notes from profiles, to read more about it click here.
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