Do you use Google Sheets to collect information about new clients and deals?  Integrate Livespace with Google Sheets via Zapier so when you add a new line to the worksheet, you automatically create a new deal.

How does Livespace integration by Zapier work?

  1. Add information about a new deal in a new line of Google Sheets.
  2. Zapier automatically adds these lines to Livespace as a new deal.

Zapier configuration

Step 1 – Trigger

  1. Log in to your account in Zapier and press Make a Zap!

  2. Select the application that will trigger the action, i.e. Trigger App. Find Google Sheets in the list of applications.
  3. Select New spreadsheet row and confirm by clicking on Continue.
  4. Connect Zapier to your Google account. Press Connect an Account.
  5. Zapier will open the Google Authentication window. Connect necessary Google account. Then Allow Zapier to access the data from Google Sheets.
  6. Confirm with Save + Continue.
  7. Select the appropriate document from the list, as well as the worksheet in GoogleSheets and press Continue.* At this stage complete a test lines to download sample data useful for further configuration.

Step 2 – Action

  1. To add a company to your Livespace deal, please select the following step Action from the list on the left.
  2. Find Livespace on the list of appps and choose it.
  3. Select Create Company, and after Save + Continue.
  4. Allow Zapier connect with your Livespace account by pressing on Connect an account.
  5. In the new window, enter the data from Livespace (you will find it in your Livespace account, in the tab Account settings > API > Users):
    1. Account name, for instance
    2. API key and API secret of selected user.
  6. Open the list in the Company name field and decide from which field in the Google spreadsheet the company name should be taken to Livespace.
  7. Additionaly, you can also specify other fields, such as: telephone number, owner and etc, according to data that will be in the Google Sheets.
  8. When all the fields are set, press Continue, and in the next window, test the configuration setting.

Step 3 – Action

  1. Go to the configuration of the next step – action. Select Action and then Livespace.
  2. Determine action – adding a new deal, i.e. Create Deal.
  3. Your Livespace account has already been connected during the configuration of the previous step, so select it and continue by pressing Save + Continue.
  4. Enter a deal name from the list or your own.
  5. To connect deal with a company added at the same time, in the next step open the list in the field Company and choose option Use a Custom Value (advanced).
  6. In the next step open the list in the field Custom Value for Company ID and choose ID field from Step 2.
  7. Choose what data from the spreadsheet in Google Sheets should appear in a new deal, for example, who is the owner of the deal or the closing date.
  8. Name your Zap and run it. Ready!

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