When renewing your account in Livespace CRM, you can choose a package most suitable for your needs. The time of your extension can be changed as well, and longer extension equals bigger discount.

What is the seat in Livespace?

By paying for an account in Livespace, you extend the validity of seats to which you can assign users. In practice, it means that bought seats are available for the time they were paid for, regardless of assigning users to them or not.

Additionally, when the seat is valid, you can at any time remove or suspend the user and assign to it a new user, without additional payment.

Extending the validity of seats has one major advantage, it is enabling the administrator to easily manage paid seats according to the current needs of the organization.

Worth knowing

A user without the assigned seat cannot log into the application.

What can you do with the seat in Livespace?

The seat in Livespace you can:

  • add – for example, when you plan in a short time to increase the number of people in your team. After adding new seats they are free – unfilled with users.

To add a new seat go to Account settings – Users and press Add seats. You will be moved to the form, where you can increase the number of seats by pressing ‘+’.

  • remove – when the seat is no longer needed

The seat you can remove in a few different ways:

  1. by pressing Remove next to the free seat
  2. remove the seat during suspending the user. Go to the user profile, who you wish to suspend, expand the menu next to Edit, choose to Suspend the user. Remember to tick Remove the seat as well.
  3. remove the seat together with removing the user. Expand the menu next to Edit, choose to Remove user, in the form which will appear, choose when the user should lose the access to Livespace. Remember to tick Remove the seat as well.

  • fill it with user– so the user can log in and work with the tool

The seat can be filled with a new user In a few different ways:

  1. assign the user to the free seat. Go to the free seat, expand the menu next to Remove, choose Assign user
  2. restore the suspended user and assign him to the free seat
  • release – the user cannot log in anymore, the seat becomes free and you can fill it with a new user or remove.

The seat you can release in a few different ways:

  1. suspend the user. Choose the user, who should be suspended in Livespace, press Suspend the user. Choose from when the seat should become free. Remove the seat as well box leave empty.
  2. remove user. Choose the user, who should be removed from Livespace, press Remove user. Remove the seat as well box leave empty.

Worth knowing

When inviting users or adding a new user, at the first place the free, available seats will be filled up, when there are no more free seats new seats will be created.

Seats allow for adding users during the month and pay for them in the next paying period. The user added during the month has an account valid until the end of the month, the cost of service will be added to the following invoice. Thanks to that, there is only one invoice to pay during the month, where all seats are included.

If you use Livespace on a contract basis, remember that after adding new users and increasing the number of seats you need to send the data to update. You can do it in the Payments tab by checking the box I confirm that I want to change the number of seats for recurring settlements under the contract and press  Send to update.

When is my account going to expire?

When your account is going to expire, you’ll see a notification about it at the bottom of the page.

  • If you’re an administrator – you’ll see a notification whenever any of the accounts of your user is going to expireexpires


  • If you’re a manager or a user, you’ll see a notification only when your account is about to expireuserexpires



Remember, only Administrators in your Livespace CRM have access to Payments tab.

Is the missing payment means that the access to the account will be blocked?

Paying for the seats in Livespace you extend their validity until the end of the month. When the validity period will be close to the end, administrators will receive the proper information. What, if regardless the information, because of some reasons administrators will not be able to extend the validity of seats?

  1. For the first 7 days after the account expired – Access to Livespace is as usual, but information about the payment is visible In the application. All Livespace functionalities work normally.
  2. For the next 7 days, until 14th day after the account expired – the access to Livespace is blocked and the only working functionality is Payment tab, so the administrator can pay and extend the validity of the account. During this period Livespace will still continue planned activities, like sending e-mails, sending email sequences, counting statistics or checking mailboxes.
  3. After 14 days since the account expired the application will be blocked and all automatic activities will be put on hold as well.

If you decide to pay for the seats within 14 days from the date, when the account expired, a fee will also be charged for these days.

If you decide to pay for the seats after 14 days from the date, when the account expired, you will pay only for the period ahead, from the date of extension.

How do I renew my account in Livespace CRM?

  1. Go to the Payments tab.payments
  2. If you haven’t provided your invoice information yet or you need to update it, just click on the proper form in Payments tab. Change feature will allow you to type in your information.extensionshortWhen a new window pops up, provide necessary information and Save changes. Remember, if you want to pay for a company, not a private person, switch to proper setting at the top of the form.invoice-info
  3. In the Payments tab, decide on the period of your extension. Default extension period is one month, and the accounts are extended by full months. If you want to get a discount, you can choose to extend your account for at least half a year. You can choose Choose a different date feature as well and decide to renew your account for a set amount of time (a discount will be valid if it’s longer than 6 months).extendto
  4. The final price will be calculated taking into account how many seats you have and for what amount of time you’re paying
  5. In the Payments tab, you can decide how many seats you want to have in your Livespace CRMslots
  6. Choose a method of payment and click on Pay now to pay online.

Some of the payment methods available:

If you don’t want to pay online, you can choose to Download pro-form, in order to do that click on the link below Pay now button and download your pro-form.

Your subscription will be renewed according to the value of your order. It will be valid when we receive your payment. For online transactions, it usually takes up to 15 minutes, for pro-forms up to a 1 working day.

Recurring payments

There is a possibility of connecting a payment card, which allows you to enable the recurring payment. To turn on the option, select the payment method (Payment card),  mark the checkbox Enable recurring payments and extend the validity of the account. Fees for subsequent periods will be automatically charged from your card.

How do I change packages in Livespace CRM?

Livespace allows you to choose what kinds of features suit your needs and the needs of your company. In the Payments tab you’ll find different packages available in CRM. You can find out more about packages and their differences in here.

  1. In order to upgrade or downgrade your package, go to Payments and click on change, next to Current plan section.
  2. The next step is to choose what option suits you best: Base, Automation or Enterprise.
  3. When you’re done, remember to Save changes
  4. The final price will be calculated taking into account how many seats you have, in what package you are now, and for what amount of time you’re paying
  5. The package will change along with account’s validity dates. You can now pay online or download a pro-form


Worth knowing

The package is the same for all seats on one Livespace account.

The package can be changed at any moment, not only when extending the validity of seats, however not more often than once a month. The change comes into effect immediately, the new account’s validity date is count proportionally to change of packet price.

When the packet is changed to lower one,  planned email sequences will be continued.

Update of the seat expiry date

When change is from Base to Automation dates are shorten 50%, example:

  • you have Base packet, seats are valid until 31.12
  • 15.11 you change the packet to Automation
  • account’s validity dates are shortened to 7.12

When change is from Automation to Base dates are extended  50%, example:

  • you have packet Automation, seats are valid until 31.12
  • 15.11 you change the packet to Base
  • account’s validity dates are prolonged to 7.12

The change of 50% is the effect of the difference between prices. (Base 19$, Automation 39$)

Payment history

In Livespace CRM you have constant access to your payments and invoices.  To be able to view the history and download invoices, go to the Payment history tab.

Read more in the article: Where can I find an invoice for renewing my account?

‘More than 10 seats’ agreement with Livespace

If you’re going to have at least 10 seats in Livespace, you can opt for signing an agreement. Such a solution means that you are going to have access to Livespace all the time, and we’re going to send you invoices to pay.

There are two options for this deal:

  • Indefinite agreement
  • An agreement for a set amount of time (at least 6 months)

If you plan to have more than 10 seats in CRM and want to sign an agreement, contact us here: [email protected]


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