Winning a deal in your company is the beginning of the next process you manage with Trello? Connect it to Livespace by using Zapier application, so after winning a deal, a new card will be automatically added to your board in Trello.

How the Livespace with  Trello integration works?

  1. You win a deal in Livespace
  2. Zapier automatically adds a card on the Trello board

Zapier configuration

Step 1 – Trigger

  1. Log in to your Zapier account and press Make a Zap!

  2.  Select the application that will trigger the action, Trigger App.  Find Livespace on the list.
  3.  Check the option Change in Deal Status and confirm your choice by  Save + Continue.
  4. Connect Zapier with your account in Livespace. Choose Connect an account.
  5. In a new window enter your data from Livespace (You can find them on your Livespace  account in Account settings tab > API >  Users):
    1. Account name, for example
    2. API key and API secret selected user.
  6. At this stage, it is worth to win a test deal in Livspace to allow Zapier to take sample data for further configuration. If you have more than one won deal, choose the one you want to use during creating the last step and accept by pressing Continue.

Step 2 – Filter

  1. On the list from the left side choose the Filter step, thanks to that you will be able to indicate, that only after winning deals,  new tasks in Trello should show up.
  2. Check Only continue if… and confirm your choice by  Save + Continue.
  3. Configure filter conditions in the way that only deals with Won status suit the action: Status Name / (Text) / Contains / Won and accept by Test & Continue. 

Step 3 – Action

  1. Configure the next step – Action. Choose Action and select Trello app.
  2. Set the new card in Trello as an action, that is Create card.
  3. Log into your Trello account.
  4. Connect your Trello account with Zapier, choosing the Connect an Account option.
  5. Allow Zapier to use your Trello account, choose Allow option
  6. In the next step choose the Board and the List on which the new card should be added, specify the Name of the card.
  7. Name your Zap and run it. Ready!

Every time after winning the deal in Livespace, the card will appear on your board in Trello.

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