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Case Study: Alfa-Bank (Belarus)

Case study Alfa-Bank (Białoruś)
About company

The ZAO Alfa-Bank Belarus is one of the most dynamic banks in the Republic of Belarus.



Number of employees


Changing the perception on Customer Support thanks to Livespace

The ZAO Alfa-Bank Belarus was established in 1999 and today is one of the most dynamic banks in the Republic of Belarus. The cooperation between ZAO Alfa-Bank Belarus and Livespace started at the end of 2016, with a three-month pilot project on CRM implementation.

There were different challenges ahead, such as cultural differences, legal regulations, resources, technological capacity.

The pilot was finished successfully, with impressive results for both partners and became a base on which we have built, and hope to continue, a long-term cooperation.


clients base increased in 2 years


complicated customer
service cases
decreased in 1 year

5 sec

call duration decreased

The challenge

Behind the success of every company, are the right people. In the creation of a Customer Service vision, Maryia Dylets (Director of Customer Support at Alfa Bank Belarus) added one more element: the appropriate system. The client’s goal was to lower the cost of customer service.

They were searching for a tool that would allow the company to properly measure the quality of their customer service, receive information about all clients, from various channels, identify any problems in their business processes and to take full control of them.

Choice of a solution

The bank analyzed several popular tools until the Livespace was recommended as a reliable and user-friendly CRM. Following several meetings in Warsaw, we agreed on the process of how to adapt our technology in order to best meet the needs and expectations of Alfa-Bank.

The significant changes were done in order to minimalize the time employees spent switching between tabs, and to provide users with all of the information needed in the same place, by adopting the dashboard. It includes task forms, statistics and the VoIP integration with Avaya, providing automatic phone number identification of existing clients on the dashboard.

CRM at Alfa-Bank

What does a “high quality of Customer Service” really mean?

Alfa-Bank follows a ‘360 degrees’ strategy, meaning they look at the client from a 360-degree perspective. After Livespace CRM was introduced, the Bank started to receive information about all types of customers’ requests, as well as being able to display their statuses (opened/closed).

To solve the most complicated cases, a specialist team, A-Help, was created. The bank also started to look at customer profitability. Livespace helped to define that Alfa-Bank had a lot of clients who take up a great deal of time but were not necessarily profitable.

How did Livespace help support the bank’s strategy:

  • Registered every time customer contacted the bank.
  • Identified the issue(s) or problem(s) the customer was experiencing.
  • Checked whether customer requests had been resolved or not.
  • Measured the length of time it took to resolve each task.
  • Tracked customer requests by both the topic and the departments in the bank, illustrating how many requests each department had and what were the most ‘painful client’ problems.
  • Faster client registration: the adapted dashboard helped to display the necessary information all in one place.

In fact, the team is the most important, their vision and flexibility. There are numerous cool products available, but each of them can be implemented differently. The key factor is the team-integrator. The elasticity in negotiations should also be mentioned. It was obvious from the beginning that the project was as important for Livespace as much as for the bank.

Maryia Dylets

Director of Customer Support at Alfa-Bank (Belarus)


Case study: Alfa-Bank
  • Increased customer base by 125%, with no increase in the number of employees.
  • Decreased the number of complicated customer service cases by 63%.
  • Decreased the duration of each call by 5 seconds through Avaya integration.
  • Rearranged business processes and subsequently increased efficiency.
  • Faster onboarding of new employees.
  • Statistics on how many tasks were opened and closed, how fast the solution was presented to the customer and why some of the problems take more time to be resolved.
  • Ability to gather statistics on the Frequently Asked Questions and started to look at the dynamics and check it in different distribution channels.