In Automation package the Livespace calendar can be integrated with your Google calendar in a way that allows you to immediately transfer tasks between them in both directions. This will help you to manage multiple appointments in different tools.

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The Automated Task Suggestion function in the Automation package, allows you to set any sequence of tasks in the order of your choosing. With this function, Livespace will automatically propose adding another task, in accordance with the conditions you have set before, helping you speed up your teams work.

Activating the Automated Task Suggestion

To activate the Automated Task Suggestion, go to Account settings > Calendar and tasks and then press the edit icon in the Actions column with the task type selected.


Turn on the option for After completing automatically suggest to add a new task, which allows you to set up a sequence of tasks automatically.


With the option available, you can now define:

1. The type of a new task, that will be proposed to be added


2.   The person responsible for the next task


3.  A due date for the new task


Once everything is ready, press the Save button.



The proposed task is now visible in task settings.


You can activate the Automated Task Suggestion for as many number of task types you wish, according to your needs.

Good to know

The Meeting task type cannot be edited due to its association with goal counting in the Targets and Results tab.

How does the Automated Task Suggestion work in practice?

The example below shows that, when the E-mail task is marked as done, a screen with a suggestion for the next task is added to the calendar. In this case, it is a ‘Phone Call’.


You can immediately press Add or you can modify the criteria, for example, when you receive a message that the person responsible for the task, has scheduled another activity within the proposed time.

If you want to start the Automated Task Suggestion while adding a new task type, press the ‘Add type’ button and follow the steps described above.

For more information on how to add a new task type, see this article.


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Marketing research shows that 80% of probable deals require contacting a potential customer at least 5 times in order to turn the lead into a profitable client. At the same time, 70% of dealers quit on the deal, because they do not receive an answer. That is usually due to lack of time, lack of consequence of marketing actions or thinking that not getting an answer means the potential client is not interested, therefore the deal is closed. However, until we get a specific answer we should stay in the game.

In such case, email automation is what comes in handy. If you decide to set up an email marketing campaign, Livespace will contact your client until their reply (whether the answer will be positive or negative). Additionally, after a few unanswered emails, Livespace will automatically remind you about for example calling your client.

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Adding a task to Livespace can be done in several different ways.

No matter which method you choose, adding a task will always happen in the same manner. The only difference is when adding a task in proper context (on contact’s profile or company’s profile) part of the data will automatically be filled in so that there is no need to type it by yourself.

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Task list is a feature that helps to keep track of all your tasks and plan their realization. The model of dealing with tasks in Livespace involves common task management methods knownamong the othersfrom the David Allen method Getting Things Done. Livespace successfully applies these methods to the CRM system.

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Livespace CRM tasks can be integrated with other apps which support calendars in formats such as iCal or RSS. This way, you can display Livespace calendar in Google Calendar, Outlook or any other app compatible.

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Task types in Livespace allow you for quick filtering the tasks of a specific type, as well as more comfortable viewing of the statistics in terms of the tasks of specified type only.
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Livepace allows you to create task templates. You can consider them as consistent sets of most frequently used tasks. You can instantly use them on the profiles of people, companies, deals, and spaces, so you don’t have to waste your time on creating the same sets of tasks over and over again.

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The tasks’ statuses in Livespace allow for quick filtering of the tasks in terms of the selected type and at the same time controlling the progress of the tasks of a given type. By default, task statuses are inactive and need to be set up manually.

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You can add a special reminder to each of your Livespace tasks. Reminders are set with a certain advance and act independently for every single task.

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In most cases, all of the information concerning the task are available in the adding/editing task form. However, if the task requires additional, more expanded comment, there is a possibility to use the task profile for that purpose.

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Every Livespace task has a person assigned to it. It may be someone who created it, as well as a person responsible for it. Task may also be marked with additional persons, referred to as the Attendees.

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When you are determining the deadline for a new task, you can also indicate that the task will be repeated regularly. This is the case of a so-called repeating task.

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Livespace allows you to add private tasksthose that are intended to their owner onlyHowever, in certain circumstances, a private task may be also available for another user.

In this article, we described:

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If you need to change many tasks at once, you can use a very handy Livespace feature: the List operations.

In this article, we describe:

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After-sales activities is a set of administrator-defined tasks that pop up every time after you win a deal. The aim of this set of tasks is to ensure customer loyaltyby leveraging them, your sales team remembers that the deal itself does not end with signing of the agreement, but it may be a beginning of opening new sales processes in the field of cross-selling and up-selling.

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You can add a task using the task addition form. This is a universal solution that allows you to quickly add both simple tasks for yourself, and, for example, regular meetings for specific users.
Task editing is done in the same way as adding a task – you do it using the same form.

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