Get more control over the sales process!

Note required in the sales process in CRMDue to the latest changes in LiveSpace, you can now get even more control over the sales process at your company. Do you want your rep to attach a file when they select the Offer sent action? Or perhaps you don’t want a user to have a possibility to win a deal unless a specific action has been completed? No problem! Such scenarios can now be handled in LiveSpace.

How can I control the process?

The new sales process options aim to address four specific sales management scenarios:

  • A sales action is obligatory

Do you require your employees to give an offer presentation as a part of the sales process? Do you want it to be an obligatory step for winning a deal? That’s fine – all you need to do is to mark this specific sales action as obligatory. LiveSpace will not allow a user to win a deal in which this action has not been completed.Deal cannot be won in CRM

  • Only a specific user can complete a sales action

Such a restriction is very handy for companies whose departments and employees are highly specialized and the sales process requires different people and departments to cooperate. Do you want a manager to accept an offer before it is sent to your customer? If so, add the step Offer accepted before the step Offer sent and select LiveSpace users who can complete that step. They will be the only ones who can do this. All the other users will see this step in the sales process as inactive.Only selected can mark activity in CRM

  • An action requires a user to add a note or a file

Do you want your employee to add a signed contract in the CRM when they checkmark the action Contract signed? Or perhaps you want them to add a note after they have given a presentation to your prospect customer? LiveSpace can make them do so. Just checkmark the option that a specific sales action requires a note or a note with a file before it can be marked as completed.Note is required in CRM

  • Specific users should get notified when a sales action is checkmarked

Notifications about sales step completion make a perfect tool for specialized teams and managers who can’t afford to take their eyes off the ball. If you want to have notifications sent to chosen users informing them that a specific sales action has just been checkmarked, just select the Notify option. The second a sales action is checkmarked, selected users will get notified.Activity notification in CRM

What does the sales process configuration look like?

The new sales process options are available in Sales stage configuration in the LiveSpace account settings. All you need to do is to click on the settings icon next to a specific sales action in order to access completely new management possibilities!Process settings in CRM

We hope that the new sales process settings will allow you to manage your deals even more efficiently!

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