Connecting the mailbox to Livespace CRM

After connecting one or more email accounts to Livespace any correspondence with your customers will be transferred directly to their contact history and you won’t have to create handwritten notes concerning emails anymore. If Livespace finds an email sent from or to the address owned by specific CRM contact in your correspondence, it assigns that message to the appropriate contact.

To connect your email account to Livespace:

  1. Go to the Account settings and choose the Email accounts tab.
  2. In settings specify basic information concerning your mail server (note that only IMAP servers are supported):
    Loginenter the full email address
    Passwordfill in the password you use when logging in to the mailbox
    IMAP server addressthe address of the server where your e-mail address is located
    (you can get this information from your email provider or IT department in your company)
  3. Specify additional information when setting up an account. In this section, you can indicate who owns the mailbox and whether Livespace should store only received, only sent, or both kinds of emails. addaccform
  4. Specify who can see messages from the linked mailbox. You can choose whether these messages will be visible for each Livespace user, for the account owner and managers only, or for the account owner only. You can also decide if emails from this account will be displayed on the Dashboard.
  5. If you want to send messages within CRM using, you should enable the option Allow to send messages from this account.
  6. Confirm adding the new account with the Add button.

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