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5 Ways to Boost Your CRM Adoption

Organizations spend countless hours reviewing, analyzing and testing multiple CRM options on the market. They may well test several options, before selecting the one that best suits their needs. Oftentimes they may spend thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) on customer relationship management software.

How Effective Is Your B2B Sales Process

With all of the buzz and panic around the upcoming GDPR changes, many are scrambling to ensure they are prepared – and quite rightly so. But before you rush to consolidate all your data and purge your contact lists, ask yourself – how effectively do you capitalize on the data within your sales and marketing […]

How Customer Expectations Impact the Growth of CRM

Customer loyalty cannot be taken for granted, and so companies are focusing on delivering a seamless customer journey, with a view to build a relationship with their consumers. Subsequently, organizations across multiple sectors and industries are investing heavily in CRM to help drive an improved multi-channel customer experience.

How to Choose a CRM System

As the world of business and industry becomes ever more competitive, choosing the correct CRM software will not only help your business get ahead of your competitors, but allow you to become more efficient. Regardless of the size or scope of your business or scope, CRM software can do a vast amount of work, from […]

Why Use CRM for Your Business?

In today’s competitive markets, the companies that best manage their customer relationships are more likely to succeed than those that don’t. And with the digital age of social media, consumer feedback is now at everyone’s fingertips.